We're Tyler + Rebecca, the faces behind Simply Ivory Videography! Our filmmaking journey started two years ago and we're lovin' every bit of it! Filming has been a hobby of ours with our constant love of traveling. Capturing sweet memories from our travels persuaded us to film precious moments for loved ones on their BIG day! We strive for dramatic & cinematic style in hopes to make viewers shed a tear or two ;) Capturing sweet authentic emotions is our cup of tea!

August 31, 2019. Our wedding day! We have gone through all the planning, searching, & spending. So we COMPLETELY understand what you are going through. For that reason, we are committed to helping ease stress & accommodate with financial struggles.   

Meet the Team


I work full time as a radiologic technologist at a children's hospital. Love love LOVE working with kids. I am not originally from Texas (but married to a Texan). Raised as a "military brat". Latin blood runs through my veins. I have a huge love for travel and visiting new places! Enjoy watching movies and tv shows with my hubs. Favorite movie series of all time is HARRY POTTER⚡️


I am a full-time Graphic Designer, working in Commercial Real Estate.  I am the Texan, Rebecca is married to, and slowly converting her!  We both enjoy the outdoors and being creative together.  My hobbies consist of hiking, camping, and the most recent leatherworking.  You can always find me working on a project or building something out of wood!  

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